Marketing B2B

AQA is an examination board providing GCSEs (11–16 years) and A’ Levels (16–18 years). The UK government decided to change the GCSE system from A-star – F (Fail) to 1–9 (9 is the top mark). A’ Levels were also changing. Competition is fierce in that market (isn’t it always?) and AQA identified this change as an opportunity to reconnect with teachers, who would put upward-pressure on their senior managers to stay with AQA, or switch to their products.

We created an intengrated campaign communicating the changes clearly to teachers, postioning AQA as a trusted advisor and source of information and guidance. The campaign included web, video, print and environmental. Weirdly, my sound skills came into this one as AQA were on a shoe-string budget, so I recorded the animation voice-over, roping-in local talent to great effect. (I normally use real studios, complete with bad coffee, nonchalant engineers and on one strange occasion an actress who was to successfully audition for Game of Thrones later that afternoon).

The models are AQA staff, pulling on giant sheets of Colorama, and thinking this was the best day at the office. Ever.