Personal projects

In my own time, I compose, perform, programme and produce music and soundtracks in an eclectic range of styles. My main live instruments are guitars (electric, classical/nylon, steel-strung), bass (fretless and fretted), renaissance and modern drums and percussion, rebec and vocals (as well as loops, synths etc.). My work, under the project name ‘The Bedlam Furnaces’, can be found on Soundcloud and you can purchase music on Bandcamp via Paypal.

I’m particularly interested in writing and producing soundtracks for games, moving image, events and theatre and I also do session guitar and production. Most of my recent live performances have been early music (Tudor period) but I’m currently hoping to find musicians to perform the music of The Bedlam Furnaces live.

Here’s a taster menu:

Epic & grandiose tune with live instruments & kitchen sink – rock band, choir, orchestra, and rock-ocarina (or “rockarina”, if you will). Based on a tale by HP Lovecraft, this one’s been played in Aus and the US:

Fast and furious with rock and dance influences. Cinematic peril and escape (actually inspired by a vicious a kitten):

An English fever-dream, Oldfield-flavoured folk morphing into electronica via heavy metal:

Trip hop featuring classical and electric guitar and horns. An essay on Oppenheimer and weapons of mass destruction:

My tribute to Ennio Morricone, a musical genius, and inspired by the actor Lee Van Cleef (and Portishead). Two gunfighters face each other, two lovers part, a great challenge must be overcome…