A bit about me

IAN ALLISON Creative Direction; Art Direction; Design; Copywriting. Brand Strategy; …


Creative Direction; Art Direction; Design; Copywriting.

Brand Strategy; Creative Strategy.

IA & UX; Music & Sound.



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Awards: DBA, Transform, IoIC (the ones that require beauty AND proven impact & effectivenesss)

MA (Distinction) Future of Design, Central St Martin’s & BA (Hons) 2:1 Graphic Design, De Montford University.

Pitching, proposals and presentation – leading, creating and delivering.

Branding – strategy, workshops, language and design.

Brand engagement, activation & experience.

 Behaviour change & Culture.

Communication. Marketing.

Making complex things simpler.

All channels – integration a speciality.

B2B, B2C, P2P. BTL, ATL, TTL. Most sectors.

Hands-on, hands-off, team-leading and team-building.

On time, on budget, good with pressure, deadlines and multi-tasking.

Pictures that paint a thousand words. Words that create a thousand pictures.



“Yes” to dinosaurs, magic, fish fingers, thunderstorms, collaboration, sharing, listening and seeing.

“No” to intolerance, unfairness, wilful ignorance, massive egos and autocrats.

…Oh, and yes – I do strategy AND design. You can do both. No, really.

Not left-brain or right-brain, but whole-brain. Check-out the latest in neuroscience if you don’t believe me.

Let’s enjoy what we do and create something we’re proud of.



This website is a tiny snapshot of the work I do; I have actually led many branding projects, integrated campaigns and digital projects.

Videos: I’ve included a few videos as links rather than embedding them. This is because embedding them enables sharing, and these campaigns are no longer live.

Some of my more recent work is largely confidential, hence the password protection – the University of Portsmouth brand is in the public domain.

I can share more about these case studies if we meet, or share the password, if you’re interested in working with me.

Pedants corner: BTL, ATL and TTL are ‘Above’, ‘Below’ and ‘Through’ The Line respectively; I did some digging and apparently ‘the line’ was drawn in the marketing accounts. Anything above the line was advertising spend, anything below was other comms channels. ‘TTL’ therefore refers to integrating the whole shebang.