A bit about me

Ian Allison. Creative Direction & strategy. Design. Copy. IA & …

Ian Allison.

Creative Direction & strategy. Design. Copy. IA & UX. Music & sound. 20-ish awards, and counting.

Branding. Brand activation. Engagement. Communication. Marketing.

Most sectors.

Design MA (Distinction) from St Martin’s, 2:1 from De Montford University when it was Leicester Poly.

Yes to dinosaurs, fish fingers, thunderstorms, collaboration, listening and seeing.

No to intolerance, unfairness, wilful ignorance and autocrats.

…Oh, and yes – I do strategy AND design. You can do both. No, really.

Not left-brain or right-brain, but whole-brain. Check-out the latest in neuroscience if you don’t believe me.

What’s your challenge?



Notes, credits and clarifications

This website is a tiny snapshot of the work I do; I have actually led many branding projects, integrated campaigns and digital projects.

Videos: I’ve included a few videos as links rather than embedding them. This is because embedding them enables sharing, and these campaigns are no longer live.

Most of the creative direction and strategy in this site happened when I led the talented team at Bell Integrated Communications – with special nods to Maj, Jase, Darren, Damian, Joel, Jonesy, Kate and Ling. My more recent work with Instinctif Partners is largely confidential – the University of Portsmouth brand is in the public domain – but I can tell you here that I’ve been working with the likes of eBay, Coach, Thomson Reuters, JP Morgan, HSBC, The Bank of Ireland, Rolls Royce, Paul Hastings and BT, amongst others. If I shared that work online, afterwards you’d have to be entombed in ice for all eternity. Or something.