Marketing tourism

We were appointed by Visit Britain to develop a campaign focused on increasing domestic tourism revenue by encouraging families to holiday in England. We harnessed pester-power by linking classic English children’s books with the places that inspired them.

We designed a poster-size magical map of these locations and an interactive website.

Immediately the site was launched, exceeded all expectations in terms of the number of hits. The project won three Communicators in Business Awards, including Best in Category for design effectiveness, while the Deputy Communities Editor of, writing in her blog, announced “If I was a child, or had a child, instead of just occasionally acting like one, I would be obsessed with this site.”

My role included proposal creation, pitch, brand strategy, campaign strategy, art direction and award-winning illustration – accompanied by my good friend, lead designer Damian Jones (now Creative Director of The Big Picture Studio) who created the stunning map outer and ornamentation and Mike Ritchie who painted the treasure map.

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