Global branding

Very few designers get the chance to work on a globally iconic brand; particularly one that they have applied meticulously to many a childhood Airfix kit with a dish of water and a paint brush! However, that’s precisely what happened to me when I found myself leading a team of designers to re-design the Royal Air Force visual identity.

The Royal Air Force approached us because they needed to update their brand for a new recruitment and retention push. For this project, I was the bridge between a team of senior brand strategists, the Royal Air Force and my creative team. My role involved pitching and then art-directing all of the creative routes, including the typography of the finished solution (which was hand-rendered) and development/content for the subsequent brand guidelines. I then continued to oversee the early implementation of the new identity. A proud moment…

The MoD photography project lasted for two years in total. I’ve been (almost) upside-down in a Gazelle helicopter, thrown out of an Hercules, almost drowned, captured Harriers taking off from HMS Invincible and failed to report a head wound sustained in the female officers’ toilets (I can explain everything). Oh yes, and I met a fine bunch of people who do an amazing job for us all.

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