Complex web sites, IA & UX

I have worked on some of the UK Government’s largest, most complex projects – and in recent years this has meant digital solutions. Our brief is always the same: to deliver information crucial to our nation’s prosperity and well-being, while offering an intuitive user experience, and the most demanding (and scrutinized) levels of accessibility.

I directed and managed teams delivering user research, IA, UX, UI, design, code, user testing and site testing. We work with trusted partners to deliver in-depth accessibility and user experience testing. While we also build complex digital solutions, the Government tends to put such work out under separate rosters, so in these instances we were asked for on-going technical advice and consultancy.

The projects shown here include Defra’s website, Defra’s Intranet (which involved complex IA) and the Food Standards Agency’s new website, launched successfully in August 2012 in both desk and mobile versions. My role involved IA, UX and creative direction.

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