IA/Intranet: B2B engagement

BAA manages the UK’s key airports. BAA Capital Projects works with partners to deliver complex civil engineering projects. We were asked to turn some 24,000 A4 pages of information on BAA Capital Projects’ policies and procedures into a usable and searchable guidance tool to help manage construction projects effectively – as part of a wider Step Change programme within BAA Capital Projects to create a ‘one team’ way of working.

To make the information usable and relevant, we needed to put ourselves in the shoes of the many different potential users – from senior management to suppliers to staff working on-site. We adopted a comprehensive user-scenario testing approach to identify the different ways users might need to access particular bits of information and then used these findings as the foundations of our new information architecture, which was then also used as a platform for intranet development.

Once we had this rigorous platform, based squarely on BAA Capital Projects’ cruciform ‘Organisation Effectiveness’ operating model, we were then able to bring consistency to the content, through a managed editorial process, and apply design thinking to make the information user-friendly – both for online delivery and in printed format.

My role involved working in a team of strategists, then information architecture (IA) and creative direction.

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