B2C Branded digital campaign

CITB, the statutory body that represents the UK construction industry, were looking for a lead agency to work across their Attracting Talent campaign for 2013. The objectives were to raise awareness of the variety of aspirational careers available in construction, and range of opportunities for progression, in a way that engages with the target audience (primary: 14-16 year olds making decisions about what GCSEs to take and secondary: 16-18 year olds taking their A levels and considering what to do after leaving school.)

We proposed a deceptively simple solution – ‘fish where the fish are’; in other words, it was time for CITB to consider a more integrated approach with social media at its heart. This made them nervous, as they had dipped a toe into social media, but had not been able to resource it properly or followed a robust strategy through. We persuaded them with a tight, well-researched, and flexible strategy based on seeding conversations and driving visitors to key destinations.

Our integrated approach – based on reaching the target audience where they are most likely to be, with compelling offers, valuable information and the opportunity to engage with CITB and each-other –has already exceeded both hard KPIs and expectations.

Soft KPIs have also been exceeded, with interim familiarity and favourability benchmarks already much improved upon, only three months into the campaign.

My role involved pitch lead, online brand strategy, digital marketing strategy, IA/UX and creative direction.

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