Bespoke print / Fundraising

The (London) University of Westminster’s (UOW) vision was to transform an eight-storey building into the UK’s most inclusive centre for collaborative enterprise and innovation. They wanted to enable the maximum number of students to experience the opportunities of new enterprise, whilst also providing access to aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses in their local community. The University was seeking a substantial investment in 29 Marylebone Road, which is an £8m capital project. Working in a creative team with long-standing collaborators Majid Asghar and Paul Roberts, I delivered this beautiful, bespoke printed book in a slip-case, and two sister publications, part of an integrated fundraising campaign. This piece directly helped secure a substantial investment into the project, and has since formed the basis of an integrated cross-channel campaign. It also set a new direction for the UOW visual identity, which needed revitalising and greater flexibility.

The hand-made slip-case and outer are board covered in black linen with white foil-block. The inner pages are French-folded and held in with covered screw fixings. Photography is ‘full colour’ black-and-white, and is supported by bold, kinetic type throughout. The books were assembled by hand, by the card engineer.