Transforming an iconic brand from within

A two-year, multi-channel campaign to re-energize the Bacardi brand from within, by engaging staff globally with the pillars of fearless, founders and family. We literally sent them back to the bar, and then harnessed the power of social media… My role was strategic, creative direction working with a team of consultants and creatives. I art directed both initial culture brand exercises and intervened at key points in campaign ideation and evolution and creative development and support for key internal events such as hackathons.

31 countries participated in Back to the Bar – from south America, Australia to Europe the campaign achieved over 100,000 impressions on social media, and 900 posts appeared on Instagram. Over 2,000 employees helped define the new culture in fast-paced global hackathons – a third of their employee base.

Reigniting the culture also helped them to strengthen their story externally – the campaign was featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC and several drinks publications.

The business and employees within it are now truly living by the three culture pillars and the behaviours they represent. The cultural programme has laid the foundations for helping employees to understand how they now turn the new strategy into action – what is expected of them is clear and employees are adopting change faster than ever before. That is demonstrated in the upswing in financial performance and growth.