Design vs crime & a new visual identity

Crimestoppers asked us to develop a branded campaign  for a new appeal (‘Operation Captura’) focusing on just ten “most wanted” ex-pat criminals hiding in Spain. We targeted the bars of Alicante, turning UK tourists and the public into spies using coasters as a simple, gamified activation. This campaign caused calls to Crimestoppers to soar – 40% more calls than normal and 10 times the normal level of website traffic on the day of launch. My favourite result, which was anecdotal from our client, was that a serial sex offender had handed himself in telling local police that he had seen our campaign and realised there was no point running any more. The campaign eventually bagged nine of the ten targets. My role was creative strategy, copy and art direction.

The campaign won a DBA silver award for design effectiveness, and was so successful that the visual approach was adopted as a visual identity refresh (see the report images at the end).