Campaign brand & integrated marketing

The UK Intellectual Property Office commissioned us to create a two year, integrated, curriculum-linked campaign to bring innovation into the classroom, encourage entrepreneurial behaviour in children (Key Stage 2, age 9–11) and engage the teaching professions in communicating the message. We earned the equivalent of £1m of media interest: reports on BBC News every hour on the morning the competition was launched and items on other BBC News 24, Newsround and ‘Have I Got New For You’, radio (e.g. BBC Radio 5) and local media. This led to 11,000 hits on the website on the launch day alone. More significantly, it also led to the real goal: some 8% of the 23,000 UK primary schools downloading the workschemes and getting involved in invention. This was a huge success: most communication programmes to this target audience aim for a response rate of just 1.5%. The project also won a DBA award. I led the team with creative and art direction, brand strategy, campaign strategy and information architecture (digital).

If you’re eagle-eyed, you’ll see the first images are from 2009. The project was so successful that seven years later it was still going strong, and I led the successful pitch to redesign the website for teaching professionals, again leading creative direction and IA / user testing. You’ll see how much fashions have changed online – the audiences are different, but also I still think we did some charming things with Flash back in ’09.

VIDEO: You can also view a short campaign showreel here (Cmd+click or right-click to open in a separate tab).