Branding the UK

A global brand and campaign to market Cornwall to non-EU Investors, integrating events, web, social and print. Key objectives were to draw 10,800 unique visitors to the website from target territories and 80 ‘meaningful’ non-EU inward investment enquiries by 2012. Our campaign had social media at its heart, as our client had a very limited budget but global ambitions.

Our strategy demonstrated clear ROI with over 20% of unique website traffic currently driven by it. We recommended focusing on the USA and India. Of the visitors, the overwhelming majority (28.43%) originated in the USA, with India and the Netherlands next. This project has since won two major branding awards.

The Neon logo is real – 6 feet high – built by the guys who do London’s theatre signs.

VIDEO: You can also view a short ‘infomercial’ by choosing Research | Aerospace | Renewables  (Cmd+click or right-click to open in a separate tab).